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World of Warcraft Twilight of the Dragons

World of Warcraft Twilight of the Dragons Booster Box

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You survived the Shattering and saw your world torn asunder. The land can no longer be trusted to provide safety or solid footing, and now you see dark shadows cast upon it from the skies above. The heavens shall provide no refuge from the chaos. The Destroyer is here, and he is not alone.

Twilight of the Dragons is the last set of the three making up the Worldbreaker Block and marks the return of Deathwing to Azeroth. Through twisted magic, he and Lady Sinestra hatch the Twilight dragonflight in their plans for the total annihilation of everything you hold dear. Facing such an immense force, will you bear arms for Azeroth once again?

In the third set of the Worldbreaker block, destruction is the theme. Deathwing's children feed off of death and chaos. The Twilight dragonflight is buffed when a card is sent to the graveyard, and the Black dragonflight always leaves its mark before hitting the dirt. Should you become Deathwing with his Master Hero card, you can bring ruin and blow up the world.

Each World of Warcraft Twilight of the Dragons Booster Box contains 24 Booster Packs with 19 game cards per pack.

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