Aion Online Game Guides – How To Reach Maximum Leveling Speed

I have been working with some Aion online game guides on my progress in the fantasy world of Atreia, as one of my first goals for an MMO is to reach the level cap as quickly as possible. I’m not a huge fan of the idea of ​​using guides to play the game, but since XP isn’t easy in Aion: Tower of Eternity, this wasn’t a bad choice at all.

I don’t know what the maximum leveling speed would be for this game or what the leveling record is for any class, but these game guides from Aion helped me maintain a very fast XP rate. What makes me say that? Well, since my guilds and I play almost the same amount of time every day, I was always 6-7 levels ahead of them. Therefore, I am going to share some tricks to speed up leveling in Aion Online.

First of all, doing missions in this MMO is, like in other online games, a good way to elevate a character. But for it to work, you must complete the missions in groups of at least 4-5 at each point of interest. Also, you need to know each and every detail of any mission you do, so you don’t waste time wondering “What the hell should I do next?” These online game guides from Aion provided me with a rigorously crafted search path that helped me keep my XP flow to the max.

However, at the higher levels a bit of grinding is required because the missions are not enough. It is no problem. The Aion game guides taught me how to keep a kill spree constant, minimizing the number of pauses between kills.

One of the most important aspects of this game is flying. In fact, it is one of the catchiest details in this game, that something that appealed to all players. But after all, your wings are just tools that you need to learn to use to their fullest potential. Knowing when and where to UFA  fly for certain targets and being careful not to fall will also improve your XP. These online game guides from Aion helped me a lot in becoming a master of my wings.

All in all, to reach a leveling speed close to max in Aion online, you need to know all the details of the missions, you need to know how to balance search and grind sessions, use your flight to the max, and avoid unnecessary PvP.